CoolSculpting Cost: Our Comprehensive Guide

CoolSculpting is a groundbreaking procedure that can safely transform the shape of your body. Using a non-surgical procedure of destroying the problem at its source, the CoolSculpting treatment kills fat cells by freezing them from the outside. With no required downtime of recovery, as with invasive surgeries, you are able to maintain your normal routine. CoolSculpting is not for everyone but rather designed for those who have trouble areas they wish to spot treat such as back fat, love handles, bra rolls, and stomach flab.

While not everyone can afford to fix all of their trouble areas at once, the CoolSculpting cost is easy to manage by providers offering financing plans and pay-as-you-go treatments as well, which creates affordability for everyone. Unlike some invasive surgeries that require an "all or nothing" approach, CoolScultping offers you flexibility by the ability to do as little or as much as you want and what your budget can afford. If you have tried losing weight and find you gain the weight back, and sometimes more, then CoolSculpting could be the right alternative to diet pills, shakes, programs, and even surgeries.

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting kills fat cells by freezing them, permanently removing the problem at its source. This process reduces the number of fat cells in the areas you have treated, so they are gone forever. Your body will then flush the fat cells out of your system naturally. CoolSculpting is painless, natural, non-invasive, and less costly than other more expensive methods available such as diet pills and high-priced surgeries that require time off from work and healing. Some patients may experience numbness and a slight soreness to the touch after treatments, but these are temporary and only last typically for a couple weeks. You'll see full results at the four to six-month marks after your body has targeted all the remaining fat cells and removed them.    

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

Some factors of cost can depend on where you live, the physician or technician providing the treatment, the size of the area you want to be treated, any follow-up appointments that may be necessary or chosen, and if the patient wants to return for more treatments. The smaller the treatment area, the less the CoolSculpting cost. Also, each individual will vary from another in regards to the desired goal.  

One treatment per area is the general requirement to reach most desired results. Depending on the number of areas you choose to have treated at once, your desired goal, treatment plan, and the accommodation of your budget, CoolSculpting offers pay-as-you-go plans. During your free consultation, your provider or technician will be able to discuss any financing plan they may offer, and together you will be able to tailor a treatment plan that works best for you and your goals.    

CoolSculpting for the Arms

For those interested in CoolSculpting for arms, the arms are treated for approximately 35 minutes each, and the CoolSculpting cost is based per arm. The cost of treatment for both arms can be approximately $1,300. Results are permanent and patients typically need only one visit to reach their desired goal.

CoolSculpting for the Stomach

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For treatments on the stomach area, some providers will recommend two treatments, and each session can be around $1,500. Each session can take between 35 to 60 minutes. Some patients, after discussing options with their provider, tend to return months later for further removal of even more fat cells to reach their desired goals.

CoolSculpting for the Thighs

Treatment for the thigh area can take as little as 35 minutes. With the same permanent results you receive with the arm treatments, you will also have lasting, permanent results with your thigh treatment as well. The CoolSculpting cost will vary, again, depending on where you live and the provider you see for treatment. As an example, a dermatologist in New York charges approximately $1,500 for the outer thigh and approximately $750 per inner thigh. Receiving treatment on both legs for these areas could cost around $4,000. Again, these costs are approximate and dependent on where you live, you could find the cost to be considerably less.

Types of CoolSculpting Applicators

When choosing your personalized treatment plan, you and your technician can discuss the varying applicators to choose from based on the areas you wish to target. There are several small applicators and a large applicator for larger areas.


CoolMax is the largest applicator and will cover the most area. It is the highest priced due to its size and costs approximately $1,250 per hour. This applicator is considered to be a "debulking treatment" as it is used for volume reduction. The small applicators can be used with the large CoolMax applicator when scheduling your treatment to increase your desired effect. There are multiple options of small applicators to choose from when deciding on your desired treatment.


CoolCore is a small applicator and is designed for the belly area. Especially for women who have excess fat in this area, this is an ideal applicator as it has a slightly curved design to fit the contour of the body. The cost of a small applicator is around $750 per hour.


CoolCurve+ is another smaller applicator that is best to fit the stubborn areas of the love handles and flanks, providing better suction. Depending on your personal situation, some patients require one to two applicators per side for these areas.


If you are looking to smooth out bulges on the inner thighs, backs of the arms, or in some cases, around the abdomen, then the CoolFit straight applicator will be a good choice and most likely used for these areas.


The CoolSmooth applicator is around $1,000 and used on the legs for each section. This is the second highest priced applicator. While tackling fat and cellulite on your thighs can be a daunting task through dieting and long hours of exercise, CoolSculpting can easily handle the challenge. The CoolSmooth is most used on the outer thighs, and due to the treatment process of cooling the tissue from one side as opposed to two, this does make for a longer treatment time of two hours.

Benefits of CoolSculpting

Since the consultations offered by CoolSculpting providers are free, you are able to meet with a technician to better understand how each of the treatments work, determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment, and get a tailored plan for your unique body, desired goals, and budget. CoolSculpting takes an hour or less, aside from the CoolSmooth applicator which will require two hours for a single session. Most individuals see results after the first treatment. Results are permanent. A real benefit to CoolSculpting is there is no required downtime as required with surgical procedures. This means you are able to return to work the next day. With other procedures, such as laser, sonic waves, and even surgery to remove fat, there is a possibility of tissue damage by shattering, burning, or the removal of non-fat cells. The process of CoolSculpting does not involve burning, extracting, or the shattering of any cells.

There are multiple options when choosing the treatment plan that is right for you. While the CoolSculpting cost might seem out of reach, the pay-as-you-go plan helps bring your goals within reach. There are no large amounts to come up with at once. A free consultation with a CoolSculpting technician will provide a better understanding of what to expect for your personal goal.  


The most important fact to be considered is that CoolSculpting treatments are permanent. With expensive diet pills, if you stop taking them, there is a great chance the weight could return. While CoolSculpting is not for everyone and won't rid a body of extreme obesity, it is a convenient way to combat trouble areas of excess fat such as back fat, love handles, bra rolls, and unsightly stomach flab. With no downtime required, there is no need for planning time off work or changing your normal routines. With CoolSculpting treatments being non-surgical, there are no scars or long recovery times. With the multiple options that CoolSculpting treatments offer, a technician can help tailor a treatment plan to your budget and desired goals.

To offset the CoolSculpting cost, the ability to pay-as-you-go offers flexibility without the need to break the bank. There is also no need to do every area at once. You can schedule treatments when it's the right time for your schedule. With most patients seeing results within two months, and even in some cases, in as little as three weeks, you'll be able to stay motivated to work on all of your troubled areas as you see the progress you've made. Over the next four to six months, while your body is removing the rest of the destroyed fat cells, you will continue to see improvements. Check your area for your nearest CoolSculpting technician and schedule a free consultation. The only thing you have to lose is the extra fat.

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