Liposuction Cost Analysis: Is It Worth It?

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The idea of having a perfect body is one many people have, but there’s no such thing as a perfect body. What one person feels is perfect is not the same concept of perfect for the next person. Some people prefer to have more curves while some are more interested in being as flat as possible all over. Muscular, toned, tight, voluptuous, and everything in between can be anyone’s idea of a perfect body, but there’s one thing many people ask. How much does liposuction cost?

If you’re someone who wonders what liposuction costs, you’re not alone. Many people feel that diet and exercise aren’t enough to get rid of their problem areas. There’s nothing wrong with making the decision to put your confidence in the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon, but there are many things you must know about this process before you schedule your surgery. What is liposuction, what’s the cost, and is the liposuction cost worth the results?

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction is commonly referred to as lipo. It’s a cosmetic procedure that isn’t medically necessary for anyone, but it’s an elective procedure millions of people choose to undergo. Sometimes, fat cells in the body aren’t easy to get rid of. You eat a healthy diet, and you exercise regularly, but there’s no way for you to get rid of excess fat around the stomach, thighs, and even in other areas. It’s a problem for many men and women who work so hard to look good, and that’s why this medical procedure is one that might work for you.

Liposuction is usually performed on one of the following body parts.

  • Stomach
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Hips
  • Back
  • Arms
  • Face

It’s easy to undergo liposuction in comparison to other elective procedures such as a facelift and a tummy tuck. Some people elect to have liposuction along with a breast lift or implants, or a facelift. Depending on your age and your lifestyle, this collective surgery is sometimes referred to as a mommy makeover or a surgical way of giving you back your pre-baby body.

Liposuction is permanent as long as you avoid gaining weight again. The surgery works to remove all the fat cells from a specific area of the body. If you gain weight after your surgery, your body will regenerate new fat cells. You must maintain a healthy diet and exercise program if you want the results to last a lifetime.  

Are You A Good Candidate

Before you begin looking at liposuction cost to figure out if it’s worth it to you, you must first make sure you’re a good candidate for this surgery. You cannot walk into your doctor’s office and schedule this surgery. You must meet certain requirements to ensure you are a good candidate for liposuction.

  • You must be within 30 percent of your ideal body weight
  • You must have firm skin
  • You must have elastic skin
  • You must not smoke
  • You must be in good health
  • You must not be pregnant or breastfeeding

Health Problems And Liposuction

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If you live with health issues, you are not a good candidate for liposuction.  Anyone who has any blood flow problems, diabetes, a compromised immune system from an autoimmune disease, or heart disease is not a good candidate for this surgery.

You Must Be Realistic

You Must Be Willing to Follow Post-Operative Instructions

Liposuction Cost Analysis: Is It Worth It?

A specific liposuction cost analysis is not possible without knowing your specific details, what you’re having done, where you want to have the surgery, and who your doctor is. It’s different for every person who goes into a plastic surgeon’s office and asks to have this surgery performed. However, we can provide you with a comprehensive guideline designed to give you an idea of what liposuction cost might look like for you. Your plastic surgeon is the only person who can tell you an exact dollar amount for your liposuction cost in the end.

The Number of Treatment Areas

The Difficulty of The Procedure

How Much Fat is Being Removed?

The Surgeon

A brand-new plastic surgeon who hasn’t been in the business for a long time might not charge as much as someone who has been doing this for many years and developed a stellar reputation. Additionally, the location of your plastic surgeon’s office is going to make a difference in the amount of money you pay for your lipo. A doctor in a major city such as Miami, New York, Chicago, or Southern California is going to charge you a lot more than a plastic surgeon in Omaha.

Other Fees

The Difficulty of The Procedure

Does Insurance Pay for Liposuction?

What Is the Average Cost?


If you’re looking to find out if liposuction is worth it to you in terms of cost, you should consider what you might pay for what you need or want done. The best way to get a comprehensive liposuction cost quote is to call your plastic surgeon and schedule a consultation. Most will do this free of charge. The doctor will check out what you need done, look into your health, decide if you are a qualified and good candidate, and then discuss the potential costs.

Sometimes, it’s more cost-effective to go through multiple surgeries at a time. If you’re also considering a breast reduction, implant or lift, a facelift, or any other type of elective cosmetic procedure, talk to your plastic surgeon about the cost of doing it all at the same time. You’re already paying for an operating room, anesthesia, and a recovery room. It makes financial sense to roll that into one major surgery rather than paying for each of those several times over the course of several smaller surgeries.

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