How To Achieve Perky Breasts After Liposuction: Prices, Risks & Side Effects

Liposuction is not ideal for everyone or every situation by a long shot. It is not a way to lose weight, but rather a way to slim and sculpt various areas of your body, such as your arms, the abdomen, sides or flanks, your chin, and perhaps your breasts. However, women looking to have a liposuction performed for the specific reason that they want perky breasts may well be disappointed. Liposuction procedures may give the breasts an elevated appearance. However, if the breasts were not satisfactorily perky breasts to begin with, their shapes are unlikely to change visibly after the procedure.

Liposuction procedures are best performed to benefit people who are already at or near their ideal weights, eat a reasonable diet and exercise regularly. Many of us who have all these characteristics still can't seem to rid ourselves of some localized pockets of fat. Liposuction procedures can be performed, and they can be equally successful for their purposes, on both men and women who meet other criteria and are good candidates.

What Is Liposuction?

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Liposuction is a surgical procedure usually done using general anesthesia, but in some cases, a procedure may be performed with the patient under local anesthesia. Liposuction can improve the appearance of troublesome areas but it is largely ineffective in addressing loose and excess skin, unfortunately.

In all cases, liposuction should be sought and chosen with realistic expectations regarding the results. You should also select this treatment method for the right reasons, recognizing that not all fatty areas can be treated with liposuction. There may be alternative, methods that are better suited for certain situations. As with any surgery, there are always potential complications with a liposuction procedure. Discussing any questions or concerns of any procedure with your physician or surgeon will help you to decide if liposuction is the best choice for you and your body.      

Conditions & Parts Of The Body Liposuction Can Address

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Liposuction can not be performed on just any part of the body. Before we dig into the potential ways of achieving perky breasts after liposuction, let's run through conditions and areas that have been identified as prime, or at least acceptable, targets for this type of treatment.

Certain areas that liposuction can be performed have their own limitations that should be noted. We have identified 10 areas of the body that can be treated with liposuction to help you start the process of deciding whether you are an ideal candidate for a procedure.

Five Common Targets For Liposuction

Liposuction can address a "double chin". This refers to excess fat in the chin and neck area that causes a fold. This fold makes it look as though that person has two chins. An ideal candidate for liposuction might have a neck that appears to start at the chin and looks a bit slanted. Liposuction can improve the angle of definition between the chin and neck areas, but it will not tighten the loose skin in the specific area.

A "buffalo hump" condition can be addressed this way. This somewhat unusual term refers to a deposit of fat at the upper back and neck. A buffalo hump can be a consequence of steroid treatment, the body's overproduction of certain steroids, and/or obesity. Liposuction can be used to remove this fat deposit in some instances.
Some patients use liposuction to address flabby arms. Sometimes called bat wings, flabby arm conditions caused by fat can be helped by liposuction. If the flabby arms are a result of merely loose skin, though, liposuction will not work. Removal of loose skin requires a more involved surgical procedure known as an arm lift or a brachioplasty.

Female breasts. Liposuction of the breast is appropriate for a limited population. Candidates for this procedure would be women with fatty, yet already perky breasts. To get the oft-desired result of having perky breasts after the liposuction procedure, there can not be sagging or droopiness in the breast before the procedure. Liposuction may only make sagging and droopiness worse, in fact. A breast lift or a breast reduction is a more viable solution for sagging or drooping breasts than liposuction.
Male breasts are commonly treated with liposuction. Gynecomastia is the condition associated with the enlargement of the male chest area. This occurs when there is excessive fat in a man's chest area, which can result from obesity, steroid use, hormone imbalances, or the use of certain drugs, among other causes. Liposuction can reduce the severity of this condition. The male breast can be quite dense. Potential patients should know that removal of the tissue with methods other than liposuction may be necessary to achieve their desired results.

Five More Areas Liposuction Can Treat

bra fat

"Bra fat" can be treated with this method. This is an informal term for excess fat around the back. In some extreme cases, a fat roll or multiple rolls are visible. Sometimes, the fat may only be more pronounced when a bra is worn. This can be easily solved by wearing a properly fitted bra. However, liposuction can be an excellent option for removing this excess fat if the skin has not been overly stretched out yet. If the back skin has been stretched, a bra-line back lift may be necessary.

Many procedures target the abdomen. The abdomen can have an excess layer of fat that is resistant to both proper diet and exercise. When the abdomen is rounded in shape like a globe, and it is hard as well, this is sometimes called an “apple” shape or a “beer belly” shape. In many such cases, the problem fat is on the inside of the abdomen. This fat is known as intra-abdominal fat. Unfortunately, this type of fat cannot be removed by liposuction.

Some choose liposuction because of a "belly pooch."  Sometimes excess fat only appears in one concentrated area of the abdominal region. A belly pooch is the pocket of fat usually located in the lower area of the belly. This condition appears in both men and women of normal weight who just happen to accumulate fat in this particular area. Someone with a belly pooch would be an ideal candidate for liposuction as the problem is excess fat.

Liposuction can target love handles. Sometimes called flank fat, this refers to fat that is situated on the sides of the abdomen. This fat also partially extends onto the back. It can be very difficult to get rid of fat in this area, and even otherwise very slim people struggle with such deposits.

"Muffin top" is another common condition that can be addressed with a liposuction procedure. This term refers to fat in the waistband area that causes "spill-over" past the waistband of clothing, primarily on the sides. Generally, women may use this term to describe the excess fat in this area, whereas men most often refer to this area as love handles.

How To Achieve Perky Breasts After Liposuction

Perky Breasts After Liposuction

Women hoping and expecting to achieve perky breasts after liposuction should first already have that perky shape. When that's the case, opting for a procedure known as tumescent liposuction can produce both a significant breast reduction (sometimes more than 50 percent). It will also lift the breasts a significant degree, possibly resulting in highly desirable, perky breasts. This breast lift results from reduced weight in the breasts, which then allows the breasts’ natural elastic tissue to retract and produce a visible lift.

Breasts do not visibly change their shape after liposuction, but a tumescent procedure can make them smaller and somewhat more elevated. A woman with drooping or sagging breasts will not be able to achieve the desired appearance of perky breasts this way though. Consulting with your physician and discussing any questions or concerns you have will help you determine if liposuction is the right procedure for you.


Any liposuction procedure should be considered carefully and approached with realistic expectations. A woman looking to achieve perky breasts as a result of liposuction, but who does not have the desired breast shape already, will not get her desired results. Simply put, liposuction will not change the shape of a woman's breasts. The first step is to have a consultation with a physician or surgeon who can order a mammogram and discuss the options available to you. A physician can determine based on your specific body type and shape if you would be an ideal candidate for the procedure.

Women who are not ideal candidates for breast reduction by liposuction include those whose breasts contain more glandular tissue than fat tissue. Women who have experienced menopause are more likely to be considered a good candidate for liposuction. This is because, after menopause, breasts contain a higher amount of fat that can be removed through a properly targeted and performed liposuction procedure.

While older, traditional methods of breast reduction surgery might help in removing excess skin and providing a lift, the shape of a woman's breast will not change. Remember, if your breasts are more fatty (versus glandular, or dense) in their tissue composition, there is a better chance that liposuction could be the option for you.

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